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The Savannah Lolita Community
Back in the Day 
23rd-Mar-2011 10:29 pm
Hey Everyone. We are planning to meet up on Saturday April 9th from 1 pm to whenever at Back in the Day Bakery on Bull street.  We are hoping some local Lolita's will be willing to come out and say hi. We right now have 2 or 3 planning to come out and hopefully we can get a few more to make this an official meet up.  If you need directions to the Bakery please let me know and I will be happy to provide them to you.  If you need any information I can do my best to provide that also.  We hope to get our local Lolita group together for a fun day in dress. We hope to see you all there.
26th-Mar-2011 02:33 am (UTC) - Re: only for local lolitas?
I will be visiting Savannah (actually the outskirts...Rincon) april4-14. I already told my mum about the date and time and the bakery. She is working on seeing if I can make it to this meet-up. Trying to get time off of work or something. I dunno. I'm at the point where I'm like Savannah's Transit System here I come lol I am far away-like 30 mins. What's a loli to do lol
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