New Here

Hello, I am new to Georgia, and was wondering about the lolita community here...

I was also hoping to make some friends with the same interests as me. See I just moved here from Va and had to leave the community there just as I started to become active in that community. Now I live here and do not want to wait as long to get to know everyone here as I did back in Va...

Greetings from the most inactive mod evar~~

Hey ladies & gents! It's no secret I am extremely inactive on LJ/within the lolita community in general, so I figured I'd ask if you guys want me to make someone else a mod or community owner or whatnot? I still enjoy the fashion and all, but it's something I just don't really have the time and effort to invest in being active within it and the communities.

I'd be happy to do so, SO if you wanna be in charge or wanna nominate someone to be, or whatever, reply here or message me or something!

p.s. shameless self promotion - anybody want the BTSSB pup in cup/longest name/whatever OP in sax? I had been trying to sell it for a while with no interest. PM or contact me on facebook if you wanna make an offer/more details.

Successful Meet-up

Hello everyone, Sorry it has taken so long to crawl back out from my sewing cave but we had a great meet up on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who showed up. The turnout was much more then expected and it just goes to show we do have a decent Lolita group in Savannah. ^_^ YAY.  Everyone got some awesome pictures and put them up on Face-book. We started with lunch/snacks at the back in the day bakery, moved to Forsyth park for some photos, went to Wright Square for some shaved ice, and then the vespa shop on Drayton street.  So all in all a fun and successful meet up.  Now the question is where would we like to go next? It has now gotten to summer temperatures so when we next meet up we should think about  areas where we can go periodically to stay cool.  Also if it is someone where down town maybe parking in common place or around each other so strange/unfortunate/disturbing things might be less likely? We would like everyone, if you want to of course, to come up with an idea for the next meet up.  When would you like there to be one and what would you like to do? If we do two meets a month the next time would be April 23. If that is too soon or too close to class deadlines for scadlings we can change it, and of course it would be either a Friday or Saturday unless for some reason it has to be another time. So sent out those ideas and we will see what we can do. Once again thanks to everyone who showed up, both in and out of towners, we look forward to seeing you again soon and hope that you have safe journeys on your travels.


Good day Ladies and Gents, this is just a quick reminder that the Group is having a meet up Tomorrow at the Back in the Day Bakery.  We hope everyone can make it out.  It will be a good fun time so Lets get together and have a good spring kick off.  That's the Back in the Day Bakery on Bull street. Time is 1:00 pm, for a late lunch or early snack. We will see you there.
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Back in the Day

Hey Everyone. We are planning to meet up on Saturday April 9th from 1 pm to whenever at Back in the Day Bakery on Bull street.  We are hoping some local Lolita's will be willing to come out and say hi. We right now have 2 or 3 planning to come out and hopefully we can get a few more to make this an official meet up.  If you need directions to the Bakery please let me know and I will be happy to provide them to you.  If you need any information I can do my best to provide that also.  We hope to get our local Lolita group together for a fun day in dress. We hope to see you all there.
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April Lolita Meet

Good Morning Everyone. It is That wonderful St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Ga and what better way to start a crazy day then with a new post. A few of us are going to be hosting a Lolita Gathering here in Savannah on April 9th, 2011. It will start at 1 pm at the Back in the Day Bakery. Here is the link to their website The address is 2403 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401. This will be a dressed up meeting but if you don't have your perfect Lolita outfit you will not be turned away. Where would the Lolitas be if we were rude and turned you away. We will start at 1 pm and can move to other locations once everyone arrives or we get kicked out. Any questions give us a note and we can answer your questions. Right now a few of our local Lolitas are spearheading this so you can drop us lines. We look forward to meeting up with everyone and have a good time.

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Lolis's together

Hey Everyone, Hopefully this will be enough time.  A couple of us met up at the Gallery on Saturday and had a blast.  If you couldn't make it no worries we thought about planning another meet up in a few weeks to give a bit more time.  Now SCAD should have it's spring break soon and we were thinking of meeting up over the Spring break.  possibly one meet during the week, like a Tuesday, for anyone who is stuck here over spring break. And maybe Saturday or Sunday before the new quarter starts up.  Once again you can dress up or not it would be your choice unless there is an outcry for a "formal" Lolita meet up in full outfit.  If gallery is not a good meet up spot then we are open to sugestions of places to go. Possibly a meet at the Lulu's chocolate bar or the Martini place on bull for a St. Pat's Lolita meeting.  Just give a shout and we will see what is up. 
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Meet ups

Hey, it's great to see people interested.  Anyone who wants to show up can, if we get there and a bunch of people show up we might just be there until they close.  I am very sorry about the time and short notice.  Next time we will try to set one up with at least a few weeks notice.  This is just an informal meeting so nothing big if you can't make it and awesome if you can we look forward to keeping in touch with everyone.
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Casual Meet and Greet

Hey Everyone.  I think This Saturday, 02/26/11 we should do a meet up at the Gallery Espresso on the corner of Bull and Perry St.  It's address is 234 Bull street Sav, Ga 31401.  Between 6 and 8 should give everyone plenty of time to show up if interested in meeting.  I know this is a short time and I am really really sorry for the quick post but I was having internet issues for the last two days.  I have some interesting red and black hair, and I am a bit of a punk Loli so I hope to see some of you all there.  Remember you don't have to dress up if you don't want to or don't have time.  This is just a quick meet up to see who all is out here.
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